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    Publishing house

    In the year 1903 Alfred Birkner founded the Birkner publishing house in Berlin. Two years later the first Birkner directory for the paper industry was published with detailed information about all pulp, paper and cardboard factories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, later of entire Europe. The directory was a big success and the name BIRKNER became synonymous for carefully researched information for the paper industry.

    Since 1965 the Birkner publishing house belongs to the Dumrath & Fassnacht publishing house in Hamburg, the directory is now steadily amended and improved. Since 1991 BIRKNER International PaperWorld collects information about the paper industry worldwide. The edition BIRKNER 95 - European and International PaperWorld comprises both directories for the first time and functions therefore as a directory for the international paper industry - as print edition, CD and internet database.

    BIRKNER's Beverage World is published for the first time in 1996 and is another success for the Birkner publishing house. This directory contains company data of the international beverage and supplying industry and is also available as print edition, CD and internet database.

    Since 2002 our internet database Birkner Eurolignum supplies all important data regarding the European wood industry and is hereby completing the product range of the Birkner publishing house.

    Due to its long tradition the Birkner publishing house feels the obligation to fulfill the customers‘ demands by high quality and up-to-date information.

    Are you interested? We are looking forward to your telephone call at: +49 (40) 800 80 1777.

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