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    Quick search

    Database Access Order

    Internet database:

    The company entries in the internet database Birkner Eurolignum are updated weekly.

    General information regarding search masks:
    You may enter search words in all fields of the different search masks in arbitrary order (word rotation). It makes no difference if you enter "Germany Hamburg" or "Hamburg Germany" in the field "country/location".
    In all search fields a Trunking (Wild card search) of search words is possible: e.g. "Germany H*".
    If there is available a value list in a search field, you may enter letters for the value list: e.g. Germa and then you may click on the value list button.
    If you do not enter a value, you will be shown up 200 values.

    Regarding research in the internet database there are four different types of researches available to you:

    - Fast navigation:
    The fast navigation is available to you right on the start page. Via the product names in the sectors "Buyers' Guide of Producers and Converters", "Buyers' Guide of Trade" and "Buyers' Guide of Suppliers" you may see the company entries right away by clicking on the number of companies.
    If you do want to specify the product, please click on the number of products. Then you will see a further subdivison of the product group. Here you may also view the company entries by clicking on the number of the companies.

    - Fast search:
    The fast search is available to you everywhere on the homepage By entering data in the fields "What?" and "Where?" you may quickly see the company entries requested.

    - Free search:
    Here the fields "country/location", "products", "search word/name" and "company type" are available for your research. For the fields "country/location", "products" and "company type" we do offer value lists.

    - Professional search:
    The professional search is a sector of the 'BIRKNER EUROLIGNUM' internet data base that is not free of charge. Only registered professional users may do their research here.
    Apart from the search fields of the free search, the following research fields are available to you: "management", "brand names", "machines", "raw material", "E-Mail-/internet addresses" and "full text".
    For the fields "brand names", "machines" and "raw material" we do offer value lists.

    Result list:
    These are sorted by advertising customers, country, location, company name. You can see the following information: advertisements, company type, company name, country, location, products, company location in electronic maps.

    Company information:
    Address and communication data are freely visible for all company entries.
    If you are registered as Professional user or if the company has made an advertisement in 'BIRKNER EUROLIGNUM', you may see further information such as management data, capital, products, machines, brand names, branches etc.

    Database Access Order

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