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    RSS-News News
    22.09.2017  Södra to invest in new CLT facility at Värö
    Company news   Södra is investing in a small facility for cross-laminated timber (CLT) adjacent to Södra’s sawmill at Värö. The plans include a future investment in a larger facility. “Södra is focused on increasing the use of sustainable timber construction and wants to take part, and to stake out a position, in this growing market. ... (more)
    Company news   After the great success of the previous editions, the 2017 INTERNATIONAL SOFTWOOD CONFERENCE will be organized this year on the 4TH-6TH OCTOBER 2017 in the fascinating city of Hamburg. Located on the River Elbe, Hamburg is one of the three city-states in Germany and the largest sea-port in Germany, third largest in Europe. As per tradition, ... (more)
    20.09.2017  Theme Days at WEINIG DIMTER in Illertissen / 8 and 9 November 2017
    Company news   WEINIG DIMTER and HOLZ-HER are inviting you to WEINIG DIMTER Packaging Days in Illertissen. Thousands of valuable goods are transported around the world every day. To get them safely from A to B, packaging concepts are becoming increasingly important to the distributor. To produce packaging materials efficiently, suitable ... (more)
    19.09.2017  At 18 storeys, Mjøsa Tower in Brumunddal to take title of world's tallest wooden building
    Company news   When completed in March 2019, Mjøsa Tower in the Norwegian town of Brumunddal will be the world’s tallest wooden building. The construction, which started in early April this year, is an example of how wood can be substituted for concrete, which is considerably heavier and less environmentally friendly. The building will stand over 80 metres ... (more)
    18.09.2017  Norway: Agreement Signed for Forest Protection and Restoration in Ethiopia
    Company news   The Governments of Norway and Ethiopia have taken an important step towards supporting Ethiopia’s climate friendly economic development. The Government of Norway has allocated up to NOK 600 million for sustainable forest management and forest restoration in Ethiopia until 2020. Photo: Bale Forest, Ethiopia Photo: RNE Representatives of the ... (more)
    15.09.2017  KPA Unicon to supply power plant to Grubišno Polje, Croatia
    Company news   Energostatik d.o.o and KPA Unicon have signed a contract on the supply of Unicon Altius 5 MWe biomass power plant to Grubišno Polje in Croatia. The plant will generate electricity to the local power grid and heat to the nearby wood processing plant. Wood biomass is used as fuel. The new power plant will be handed over to the customer in ... (more)
    14.09.2017  LEUCO airStream-System – Reduces noise and increases the chip caption degree
    Company news   “LEUCO airStream-System” tools reduce noise and increase the chip caption degree up to 99 per cent on through-feed machines. This innovation is the result of mutual research and development activities of the tool manufacturers LEUCO (Horb/DE) and HOLZ-HER (Nürtingen/DE). The airStream-System is patented and exclusively ... (more)
    13.09.2017  Håkan Larsson to become Director of Strategy for the Södra Group
    Company news   Håkan Larsson (photo), Director of Forestry and President of Södra Skog, assumes responsibility for strategic issues within the Södra Group. He will remain a member of Södra’s Group Senior Management and continue to report to the President, Lars Idermark. “After more than four very rewarding and stimulating years as President of ... (more)
    13.09.2017  Sep 20-21 & 26-27, WoodTECH Melbourne & Rotorua 2017
    Company news   WoodTECH 2017, will be attracting again scanning and sawing technology leaders, innovators and practitioners from around the world. Armin von Grebmer, CSO Microtec, will give a presentation on both WoodTECH venues in Melbourne and Rotorua with the title "Yield optimization: Volume vs. Quality. Case studies - improving lumber recoveries - ... (more)
    12.09.2017  Foundation stone of the Metsä Wood's birch plywood mill laid in Pärnu, Estonia
    Company news   The foundation stone of Metsä Wood’s new birch plywood mill was laid on August 23rd in Pärnu, Estonia. The greetings in the ceremony were delivered by the Minister of Public Administration of Estonia Mr. Jaak Aab and the President and CEO of Metsä Group Mr. Kari Jordan. “This is an important investment for Metsä Wood and the ... (more)

    Search list Producers' and Converters' Products:
    Wood boards, all kinds   45 Products   727  Companies  
    Timber construction parts of houses (outside), houses   28 Products   1939  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   1726  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   839  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   17 Products   203  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   9 Products   151  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   55 Products   2089  Companies  

    Search list of Merchants:
    Wood boards, all kinds   44 Products   484  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (outside), houses   25 Products   521  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   806  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   122  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   13 Products   109  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   10 Products   254  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   53 Products   908  Companies  

    Search list of Suppliers' Products:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Products   257  Companies  
    Saws   31 Products   495  Companies  
    Planing machines   6 Products   189  Companies  
    Shapers   20 Products   331  Companies  
    Boring machines, mortiser, turning machines   12 Products   245  Companies  
    Sanding machines, polishing machines   23 Products   340  Companies  
    Gluing machines, jointing machines   13 Products   159  Companies  
    Wood surface treatment, laminating and impregating mach.   24 Products   219  Companies  
    Wood transporting machines and equipments   33 Products   443  Companies  
    Tools and toolworking machines   49 Products   574  Companies  
    Wooden goods machines   11 Products   60  Companies  
    Ventilation equip., drying install., filter equipments   26 Products   293  Companies  
    Measuring and control equipment, testing instruments   20 Products   291  Companies  
    Machines and plants all kinds for the wood industry   143 Products   1348  Companies  
    Chemicals and auxiliary chemicals for the wood industry   30 Products   418  Companies  
    Planning, development and organisation   14 Products   318  Companies  
    Fittings, profiles and other materials   11 Products   322  Companies  
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