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    22.02.2018  Changes in Raute Group's Executive Board
    Company news   Raute Corporation’s Board of Directors has appointed M.Sc. (Econ.) Olli-Pekka Vanhanen (53) Group Vice President, CFO of Raute Group. He will also become a member of Raute Group’s Executive Board, reporting to President and CEO Tapani Kiiski. Mr. Vanhanen will assume the position by May 1, 2018 at the latest. Mr. Vanhanen has ... (in più)
    21.02.2018  Timber expertise on hand at Ecobuild 2018
    Company news   TRADA is delighted once again to take a stand at Ecobuild 2018, Britain’s leading sustainable design, construction and energy event. Every year Ecobuild attracts around 24,000 visitors – forward-thinking companies, senior professionals and influencers from the construction industry – providing the perfect opportunity to network, ... (in più)
    20.02.2018  Välinge acquires Inotec’s patent portfolio regarding fold down locking systems
    Company news   Välinge has purchased all Inotec’s patents regarding one-piece fold-down systems (all-side or short-side), which are registered in numerous countries such as the US, Canada as well as China and with many more applications worldwide including Europe. This patent portfolio also consists of several applications with some impressive ... (in più)
    19.02.2018  Tarkett expands its luxury vinyl tiles production capacity in North America and Europe...
    Company news   ... by investing €70 million Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative and sustainable flooring and sports surface solutions, invests a total of 70 million euros over the next three years to expand its luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) production capacity in North America and Europe, while enhancing efficient and sustainable manufacturing. ... (in più)
    16.02.2018  Välinge further strengthens its position with patents from Swiss Krono Group
    Company news   Välinge strengthens its already solid position as the key patent-holder and licensor in relation to floor locking technologies, including Fold Down technologies such as 5G® and related solutions. In the end of 2017, Välinge acquired several patent families from Flooring Technologies. The patents cover, among others, various solutions ... (in più)
    15.02.2018  Starting signal for new digital platform MindSphere World: Weinig Group in the best of company
    Company news   Industrial cloud solutions are increasingly becoming an economic factor. Photo: In an optimistic mood: Weinig CEO Wolfgang Pöschl (left) and product segment manager Dr. Mario Kordt, who represents Weinig on the advisory board, present the MindSphere World membership certificate Under the leadership of Siemens AG and together with 18 ... (in più)
    14.02.2018  Raute received orders worth approximately EUR 23 million to Finland
    Company news   Raute Corporation has received orders worth approximately EUR 23 million from Metsä Wood, the Wood Products Business Area of Metsä Group. The orders consist of machinery and equipment to be delivered for the expansion of Metsä Wood’s LVL mill in Punkaharju. The deal includes peeling (photo), drying, LVL lay-up, pre-pressing and ... (in più)
    13.02.2018  The Weinig Group at Holz-Handwerk / Fensterbau frontale 2018: Solutions tailored ...
    Company news   ... to customer benefits The Weinig Group exhibition program in Nuremberg is entirely centered around optimal customer benefits. Under the slogan “Think Weinig”, the market leader in machines and systems for solid wood and panel pro-cessing will be demonstrating a total of 30 exhibits live, all of which have been specifically ... (in più)
    12.02.2018  LMI Technologies Introduces Modular Gocator 3D Smart Sensors for Board Scanning Applications
    Company news   3D Profiling With Tracheid Detection and Bolt-On Color Make the Modular Gocator 200 Series Ideal for Achieving Optimal Wood Recovery LMI Technologies (LMI), a leading developer of 3D scanning and inspection solutions, is pleased to announce the official launch of the Gocator 200 Series of modular multi-point scanners, the latest addition ... (in più)
    09.02.2018  Announcement: Dedicated wood event launched in Saudi Arabia
    Company news   We are delighted to announce the launch of Wood Tech & Design Expo - a dedicated event for wood and related products in Saudi Taking place from 5-8 March 2018, Wood Tech & Design Expo is a brand new exhibition, perfectly placed alongside The Big 5 Saudi, offering the ideal platform for global wood products and enabling networking between ... (in più)

    Lista dei prodotti dei produttori e trasformatori:
    Pannelli di legno di ogni genere   45 Prodotti   720  Ditte  
    Elementi per costruzioni edilizie in legno (esterni), case   28 Prodotti   1922  Ditte  
    Elementi per costruzioni edilizie in legno (interni)   53 Prodotti   1710  Ditte  
    Imballaggi in legno, palette, bancali   20 Prodotti   832  Ditte  
    Articoli in legno di ogni genere   17 Prodotti   198  Ditte  
    Impiallacciature   9 Prodotti   148  Ditte  
    Prodotti di segheria e parti in legno, diverse   55 Prodotti   2076  Ditte  

    Lista dei prodotti del commercio:
    Panelli di legno di ogni genere   44 Prodotti   482  Ditte  
    Elementi per costruzioni edilizie in legno (esterni), case   25 Prodotti   521  Ditte  
    Elementi strutturali in legno per casa (interni)   53 Prodotti   801  Ditte  
    Imballaggi in legno, palette, bancali   20 Prodotti   121  Ditte  
    Articoli in legno di ogni genere   13 Prodotti   109  Ditte  
    Impiallacciature   10 Prodotti   252  Ditte  
    Prodotti di segheria e parte in legno, diverse   53 Prodotti   900  Ditte  

    Lista dei prodotti dell' industria fornitrice:
    Macchine da taglio, senza asporto di trucioli   20 Prodotti   258  Ditte  
    Seghe   31 Prodotti   493  Ditte  
    Piallatrici   6 Prodotti   187  Ditte  
    Fresatrici   20 Prodotti   328  Ditte  
    Foratrici, mortasatrici, torni   12 Prodotti   244  Ditte  
    Levigatrici, lucidatrici   23 Prodotti   338  Ditte  
    Incollatrici, maccine per assemblare   13 Prodotti   158  Ditte  
    Macc. per lavoraz. di superficiale, accopiatrici, impregnatori   24 Prodotti   218  Ditte  
    Macchine e impianti di trasporto di legname   33 Prodotti   442  Ditte  
    Utensili e macchine per la lavorazione degli utensili   49 Prodotti   573  Ditte  
    Macchine per la fabbricazione di articoli di legno   11 Prodotti   59  Ditte  
    Imp. aerotecnici, imp. di essiccamento e filtrazione   25 Prodotti   291  Ditte  
    Imp. e app. di controllo di misuraz., di regolaz. e di prova   20 Prodotti   289  Ditte  
    Macc. e impianti di ogni genere per l'industria del legno   143 Prodotti   1344  Ditte  
    Prodotto e ausiliari chimici per l'industria del legno   30 Prodotti   415  Ditte  
    Planificazione, sviluppo e organizzazione   14 Prodotti   319  Ditte  
    Borchie, profili e materiali diversi   11 Prodotti   318  Ditte  
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