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      Birkner 2017 - NEW: Web database access and book editions at a special price
    Company news   Within a few weeks, the new, completely updated web database and book editions from Birkner 2017 - International PaperWorld, the unique source of information for the international paper industry, will be published. With the combination or individual offers fur use of the current database contents in web and book you have all advantages of ... (más )
    28.03.2017  $150-million reforestation investment will help fight climate change, create more rural jobs
    Company news   Premier Christy Clark announced $150 million for the Forest Enhancement Society of British Columbia to plant tens of millions more trees, which will help fight climate change and create over 3,000 jobs in rural British Columbia. “This is an investment in our forests, in B.C.’s rural communities – and the world’s clean air,” said ... (más )
    28.03.2017  ANDRITZ AG: Annual General Meeting approves dividend increase to 1.50 euros per share
    Company news   At today’s 110th Annual General Meeting of ANDRITZ AG, the shareholders agreed to raise the dividend to 1.50 euros per share for the 2016 business year (2015: 1.35 euros per share). The ex-dividend date is March 30, 2017, and the date of dividend payment is April 3, 2017. Christian Nowotny, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ANDRITZ ... (más )
    27.03.2017  Three in one – Manufacture circular saws in one go
    Company news   Swabian sharpening specialist VOLLMER is speeding up the manufacture of carbide-tipped circular saw blades with its CC 355 production system. The CC 355 enables circular saws for cutting wood to be fully sharpened – including all tooth faces, tooth tops and side angles – in a single working cycle. Four grip arms carry the saw blades ... (más )
    24.03.2017  Almost 50% of the fiber feedstock for wood pellet plants in the US South was industry and ...
    Company news   ...forest residues in the 1Q/17, up from 33% five years ago, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review Wood pellet manufacturers in both the US and Canada are increasingly diversifying their feedstock to reduce fiber costs and take advantage of less utilized fiber sources, according to analysis by Wood Resources International. ... (más )
    24.03.2017  Egger: Triple recognition at the German Design Award
    Company news   Our Laminate Flooring Collection 2015-2017, the EGGER POS (photo) and our PerfectSense board received the "Special Mention" award during the festivities in Frankfurt/Main. Creative, sustainable, and useful in one Of 3,400 submissions received, the international expert panel selected our three EGGER product innovations. This was due to ... (más )
    24.03.2017  South China Imports of U.S. Wood and Wood Products Climbs to a New High
    Company news   For the last 8 years, South China’s imports of U.S. wood and wood products have been on a continuing rise in general, and last year a new annual import record of 700 million USD was written, accounting for about 30% of China’s total imports from the U.S. Furniture Industry is a Crucial Contributor to South China Wood Imports This strong ... (más )
    23.03.2017  Laila Rogestedt is leaving Södra
    Company news   Laila Rogestedt (photo), Head of Innovation and New Business, has decided to leave Södra. Over the past few years, Laila Rogestedt has helped to develop the Group’s key strategic area of innovation and new products at Södra. Significant progress has been made in the establishment of a more market-oriented innovation process, and in ... (más )
    22.03.2017  Tieto and Martinsons join forces to develop next-generation forestry system
    Company news   Tieto has been entrusted to deliver a comprehensive wood and fibre procurement system for Martinsons, one of Sweden’s largest family owned wood-processing companies. The solution is based on Tieto Integrated Fibre Flow (TIFF), a cloud service providing industry-specific modules for management of the entire value chain, from ... (más )
    22.03.2017  Binderholz Nordic Oy acquires the Anaika Wood Group's planing mill and glulam factory ...
    Company news   ... in Lieksa/Kevätniemi As part of an asset deal, a planing mill and a glulam factory belonging to the Anaika Wood Group at the site in Lieksa were acquired by Binderholz Nordic Oy. This purchase will further extend Binderholz position in the further processing of timber on the global market. The purchase agreement was signed ... (más )

    Lista de productos de fabricantes y transformadores:
    Tableros de madera de todas clases   46 Productos   733  Compañías  
    Elementos de madera de constr. para casas (exterior), casas   28 Productos   1950  Compañías  
    Elementos de madera de construcción para casas (interior)   53 Productos   1731  Compañías  
    Embalajes de madera, palets   20 Productos   839  Compañías  
    Articules de madera de todas clases   17 Productos   203  Compañías  
    Chapas de madera   9 Productos   155  Compañías  
    Productos de aserrado y partes en madera, diversas   55 Productos   2101  Compañías  

    Lista de productos del comercio:
    Tableros de madera de todas clases   44 Productos   487  Compañías  
    Elementos de madera de constr. para casas (exterior), casas   24 Productos   522  Compañías  
    Elementos de madera de construcción para casas (interior)   53 Productos   806  Compañías  
    Embalajes de madera, palets   19 Productos   122  Compañías  
    Articules de madera de todas clases   13 Productos   109  Compañías  
    Chapas de madera   10 Productos   256  Compañías  
    Productos de aserrado y partes en madera, diversas   53 Productos   917  Compañías  

    Lista de productos de la industria fornecedora:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Productos   259  Compañías  
    Sierras   31 Productos   496  Compañías  
    Planing machines   6 Productos   189  Compañías  
    Fresadoras   20 Productos   331  Compañías  
    Taladradoras, mortajadoras, tornos   12 Productos   247  Compañías  
    Lijadoras, pulidoras   23 Productos   342  Compañías  
    Encoladoras, máquinas de ensemblar   13 Productos   159  Compañías  
    Máquinas para tratam. superficial, para imregn., pegadoras   24 Productos   220  Compañías  
    Máquinas y instal. de transporte de la madera   33 Productos   443  Compañías  
    Herramientas y máquinas para elaboración de herramientas   49 Productos   579  Compañías  
    Máquina para articulos de madera   11 Productos   60  Compañías  
    Ventilación, de secado y de filtrado (instal. de)   26 Productos   293  Compañías  
    Instal. y apa. control, de medición, de regulac. y de prueb   20 Productos   292  Compañías  
    Máqu. y instal. de todas clases para la industria de madera   143 Productos   1351  Compañías  
    Productos y auxiliares químicos para la industria de mader   30 Productos   420  Compañías  
    Planificación, desarrollo y organización   14 Productos   318  Compañías  
    Herrajes, perfiles y otros materiales   11 Productos   322  Compañías  
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