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    RSS-News News
    23.06.2017  Pfleiderer – Wood Materials ordered Wedge
    Company news   Pfleiderer – Wood Materials placed an order of process diagnostic tool Wedge from Savcor. The aim is to increase productivity and strenghten their production line in the mill Baruth/Mark. The Pfleiderer Group focuses on the production of wood materials, especially fiber boards for furniture and interior finishing. In 2013, it ... (more)
    22.06.2017  Martinsons commissions new production line for CLT
    Company news   CLT consists of solid panels of planed spruce that are glued together, with every other layer being cross laid. It is often used in walls, floors and ceilings. Martinsons has so far manufactured panels with a width of 1.2 metres, but with the new line in Bygdsiljum will also be able to offer storey-high panels, with a width of 3 metres. ... (more)
    22.06.2017  A memorable Ligna for Scm
    Company news   For Scm, the edition of Ligna that has just ended will remain memorable. Thousands of business customers and visitors flocked to Scm's beautiful hall, where more than sixty technological solutions and the “Lean Cell 4.0” were on display. The enormous table made by Riva1920 from thousand-year-old kauri and the Scm Arena were the focus of ... (more)
    22.06.2017  Pöyry and Betulium sign co-operation agreement to unlock full value chain benefits for clients in ..
    Company news   ... bio-based businesses Pöyry and Betulium have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) for co-operation that will enable both companies to serve their clients better in bio-based businesses. Pöyry and Betulium share common objectives in bioindustry: together they have the know-how and experience which can be used especially in the field of ... (more)
    21.06.2017  Logset has made significant dealer agreements in the U.S.
    Company news   Finnish forestry machine manufacturer Logset Oy has signed significant distribution agreement with U.S. based Fabick CAT and U.S. based Milton CAT to market Logset products. Under the terms of the agreement, the new dealers will provide sales, parts and service for Logset harvesters and forwarders throughout their service territories. The ... (more)
    20.06.2017  Homag at LIGNA 2017: Record trade fair and increased internationality
    Company news   The digital future has begun: At LIGNA, HOMAG presented its digital platform for the wood industry. The name: “tapio”. With tapio, the companies from this industry can now move into the next stage of Industry 4.0. At the same time, HOMAG has exceeded its trade fair goals – and has had the most successful trade fair for many years. ... (more)
    20.06.2017  Stora Enso has appointed Satu Härkönen as Head of Communications for Media Relations in ...
    Company news   ...Finland and Wood Supply Finland Stora Enso has appointed Satu Härkönen (photo) as Head of Communications for Media Relations and Wood Supply in Finland. Satu Härkönen has been working for Stora Enso since 1995 in several leadership positions within sales, marketing and communications. Her most recent position was Project ... (more)
    19.06.2017  Schattdecor continues to invest in the development of its international locations
    Company news   By the end of 2018 Schattdecor will invest about 120 million Euros in the development of its current locations. With this, Schattdecor is implementing the largest investment program in the company’s history. Particularly noteworthy is the involvement with the impregnation company, Saintdecor, in Wuhan, China, which will expand the ... (more)
    16.06.2017  Kijchai Places New Order with Dieffenbacher
    Company news   Thai company expands production capacity with new THDF plant Thai company S. Kijchai Enterprise PCL in Rayong—approximately 200 km southeast of Bangkok—has produced MDF boards from a Dieffenbacher plant for the past five years. The company is now expanding its production capacity and adding THDF boards to its product portfolio. ... (more)
    15.06.2017  Jane Molony Named President of the ICFPA
    Company news   The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) announced Jane Molony (photo) as its new president. Molony, Executive Director of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA), will serve in this capacity for the next two years. “Across the world, wood, paper and tissue products touch lives every day ... (more)

    Search list Producers' and Converters' Products:
    Wood boards, all kinds   45 Products   725  Companies  
    Timber construction parts of houses (outside), houses   28 Products   1935  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   1723  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   836  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   17 Products   203  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   9 Products   151  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   55 Products   2086  Companies  

    Search list of Merchants:
    Wood boards, all kinds   44 Products   483  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (outside), houses   25 Products   520  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   803  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   122  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   13 Products   108  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   10 Products   254  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   53 Products   908  Companies  

    Search list of Suppliers' Products:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Products   257  Companies  
    Saws   31 Products   495  Companies  
    Planing machines   6 Products   189  Companies  
    Shapers   20 Products   331  Companies  
    Boring machines, mortiser, turning machines   12 Products   245  Companies  
    Sanding machines, polishing machines   23 Products   340  Companies  
    Gluing machines, jointing machines   13 Products   159  Companies  
    Wood surface treatment, laminating and impregating mach.   24 Products   219  Companies  
    Wood transporting machines and equipments   33 Products   442  Companies  
    Tools and toolworking machines   49 Products   574  Companies  
    Wooden goods machines   11 Products   60  Companies  
    Ventilation equip., drying install., filter equipments   26 Products   293  Companies  
    Measuring and control equipment, testing instruments   20 Products   291  Companies  
    Machines and plants all kinds for the wood industry   143 Products   1346  Companies  
    Chemicals and auxiliary chemicals for the wood industry   30 Products   419  Companies  
    Planning, development and organisation   14 Products   318  Companies  
    Fittings, profiles and other materials   11 Products   322  Companies  
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