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    RSS-News News
    20.01.2017  William Furniture first in China to implement Threespine® click furniture technology
    Company news   Välinge is pleased to announce it has signed a license agreement with the Chinese furniture manufacturer William Furniture. The new agreement makes the company the first in China to implement Threespine® click furniture technology in its products. "The agreement is the result of our close work together with the sales and engineering ... (more)
    19.01.2017  The European Sawlog Price Index reached its lowest level in six years in the 3Q/16 because of ....
    Company news   ... lower lumber demand and reduced prices in both domestic and export markets, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Declining demand and prices for softwood lumber, together with reduced log trade haveresulted in lower sawlog prices in Europe over the past two years with the ESPI sawlogprices index reaching its lowest point since 2010, ... (more)
    18.01.2017  Logset changes Managing Director
    Company news   The Managing Director of Logset Oy, Mr. Tapio Ingervo leaves the company. The Board of Directors has started the search for a new Managing Director. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Tapio Nikkanen takes over the management of the company. He will act as a temporary Managing Director at Logset beside his own duties until a new Managing ... (more)
    Company news   2016 was an important year for our industry and not only for us. Reviewing the year, we would like to start from Eumabois’s point of view, the European Federation representing over 800 companies in the woodworking technology business. This strength, just coming from the number of companies, is especially important because the future ... (more)
    16.01.2017  Siempelkamp increases shareholding in Pallmann to 75 percent
    Company news   Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH increases its stake in Pallmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, with headquarters in Zweibrücken, Germany, to 75 percent. Photo: Pallmann refiner (from left to right): central control unit (in the front), start-up motor and main motor, coupling with disc brake (in background), bearing ... (more)
    13.01.2017  Sweden VS. Russia on China's Timber Export?
    Company news   As the rapid growth in timber exports to China is showing no signs of slowing down, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation has predicted a 40 per cent increase in 2016. “Imports of timber products into China has really taken off in recent years, far exceeding our expectations,” said Magnus Niklasson, “The indications are that ... (more)
    12.01.2017  Hardwood pulpwood prices in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia and Chile increased during the fall, ...
    Comapny news   ... resulting in a 5.6% jump of the HFPI price index from the 1Q/16 to the 3Q/16, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly Hardwood fiber prices have slowly turned around this year with the HFPI price index being up 5.6% from the 1Q/16 to the 3Q/16, according to the Wood Resource Quarterly. The softwood fiber price index SFPI fell in ... (more)
    11.01.2017  New autumn planting record
    Company news   In autumn 2016, 6.1 million saplings from Södra were planted. This is an increase of 1.3 million saplings compared with the 2015 autumn planting season. Södra delivered a total of 33.6 million saplings in 2016. In autumn 2015, nearly five million saplings from Södra were planted. Not since the storm years of 2005 and 2007 had such a ... (more)
    10.01.2017  Global Timber and Wood Products Market Update
    Company news   Sawlog prices have trended downward throughout the world over the past two years with the GSPI Index being 14.3% lower in the 3Q/16 than in the 3Q/14, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly The GSPI sawlog price index fell again in the 3Q/16 and was 21% below its all-time high five years ago, as reported in the Wood Resource Quarterly. Over ... (more)
    10.01.2017  Milestone Reached - New Dieffenbacher CPS+ Press Produces First Board
    Company news   Only 17 months after Dieffenbacher unveiled the new continuous CPS+ press at Ligna 2015, the first plant with a CPS+ press has been successfully put into operation. After a seven-month assembly period, the first board was produced according to plan on October 1, 2016 at Kronospan's new particleboard plant in Bjelovar, Croatia. ... (more)

    Search list Producers' and Converters' Products:
    Wood boards, all kinds   46 Products   757  Companies  
    Timber construction parts of houses (outside), houses   28 Products   1990  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   1782  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   856  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   17 Products   216  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   9 Products   164  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   55 Products   2159  Companies  

    Search list of Merchants:
    Wood boards, all kinds   44 Products   500  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (outside), houses   24 Products   543  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   824  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   19 Products   125  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   13 Products   111  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   10 Products   258  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   53 Products   930  Companies  

    Search list of Suppliers' Products:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Products   263  Companies  
    Saws   32 Products   507  Companies  
    Planing machines   6 Products   194  Companies  
    Shapers   20 Products   339  Companies  
    Boring machines, mortiser, turning machines   12 Products   256  Companies  
    Sanding machines, polishing machines   23 Products   349  Companies  
    Gluing machines, jointing machines   13 Products   163  Companies  
    Wood surface treatment, laminating and impregating mach.   24 Products   225  Companies  
    Wood transporting machines and equipments   33 Products   458  Companies  
    Tools and toolworking machines   49 Products   596  Companies  
    Wooden goods machines   11 Products   60  Companies  
    Ventilation equip., drying install., filter equipments   26 Products   298  Companies  
    Measuring and control equipment, testing instruments   20 Products   294  Companies  
    Machines and plants all kinds for the wood industry   143 Products   1370  Companies  
    Chemicals and auxiliary chemicals for the wood industry   30 Products   430  Companies  
    Planning, development and organisation   14 Products   323  Companies  
    Fittings, profiles and other materials   11 Products   329  Companies  
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