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    RSS-News News
    17.01.2018  Holzwerk Baumann starts up with its modern log yard
    Company news   With the new log yard long logs up to 21 m length and with diameters of 10 to 90 cm as well as short logs up to 14 m length can be treated. The performance of the installation with an average diameter of 32 cm is quite more than 100 solid cubic meter/ h. Summer 2016 installing of the plant started which was commissioned in summer 2017. It is ... (more)
    16.01.2018  Giving exposed timber a long and safe life
    Company news   Exposed timber structures give buildings warmth and beauty, but can be vulnerable to decay and damage if they are not properly specified. TRADA’s new Wood Information Sheet (WIS) Specifying externally exposed structural timber outlines the building regulations and measures required to ensure the safe and prolonged life of externally ... (more)
    15.01.2018  ANDRITZ successfully starts up MDF line supplied to Panel Plus MDF Co. Ltd.
    Company news   International technology Group ANDRITZ has successfully started up the MDF line II supplied to Panel Plus MDF Co. Ltd., based in Bangkok, Thailand, for its mill in Hat Yai. Photo: The Panel Plus team is as excited as the ANDRITZ team about the successful start-up. The pressurized refining and chip washing system supplied by ANDRITZ is ... (more)
    12.01.2018  Södra nominated by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
    Company news   For the second time in a short space of time, Södra has been nominated for its digital solutions. This time by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), which has nominated Södra for its development of digital solutions for forestry in the Smart Industry project. Digitisation is helping Södra to sell higher volumes than it ... (more)
    11.01.2018  Martinsons Increases Capacity and Concentrates Production to Two Sawmills
    Company news   During 2018, Martinsons will increase its production of sawn timber from 500,000 to 535,000 m3. This will be done through a 60 million SEK investment in kiln and storage facilities, as well as more shifts in Bygdsiljum, the Group's largest unit. Meanwhile, production will cease in Hällnäs. "Demand is high but at the same time, ... (more)
    10.01.2018  Metsä Wood has made a significant contract over supplying Kerto® LVL ...
    Company news   ...into the Australian market Metsä Wood has renewed its supply agreement with Tilling Timber in Australia. The extent of the contract is in total some 60 000 m3 of Kerto® LVL during the next three years. Metsä Wood has been supplying Tilling with specially tailored Kerto LVL product since beginning of 2016. Products are sold under ... (more)
    09.01.2018  The President awards Ponsse for internationalisation
    Company news   Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic of Finland, gave Ponsse Plc a special recognition from the annual Internationalisation Award. The Internationalisation Award is a recognition granted to Finnish companies that have gained international success and to the communities behind them. Photo: Juha Vidgrén, Chairman of the Board of ... (more)
    09.01.2018  Magna Expo Mueblera (17 to 20 January 2018)
    LIGNA 2019   Eumabois President Jürgen Köppel opens Magna Expo Mueblera in Mexico City The opening event for Magna Expo Mueblera takes place on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 at 11:30 a.m. in the foyer of the Centro Banamex exhibition complex in Mexico City. Eumabois President Jürgen Köppel will kick off the Magna Expo Mueblera exhibition jointly with ... (more)
    08.01.2018  Green River Panels orders Asia's soon to be longest ContiRoll® from Siempelkamp
    Company news   The Taiwanese Green River Panels placed an order with Siempelkamp for the supply and installation of what will be Asia’s largest particleboard plant. The company is one of the leading wood-based products suppliers in Asia. Next to sawed timber from multi-year rubber-wood plantations, the company also offers particleboard made from the ... (more)
    05.01.2018  Record high prices for softwood lumber in North America in the 3Q/17 and ...
    Company news   .... rising lumber export prices in Sweden, Finland and Russia as lumber demand picks up in key markets, reports the Wood Resource Quarterly Global Lumber Trade Demand for imported softwood lumber to the US has fallen by six percent during the first nine months of 2017 as compared to the same period in 2016. In contrast, Chinese import ... (more)

    Search list Producers' and Converters' Products:
    Wood boards, all kinds   45 Products   719  Companies  
    Timber construction parts of houses (outside), houses   28 Products   1921  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   1710  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   832  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   17 Products   198  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   9 Products   148  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   55 Products   2078  Companies  

    Search list of Merchants:
    Wood boards, all kinds   44 Products   482  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (outside), houses   25 Products   521  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   801  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   121  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   13 Products   109  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   10 Products   252  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   53 Products   901  Companies  

    Search list of Suppliers' Products:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Products   258  Companies  
    Saws   31 Products   493  Companies  
    Planing machines   6 Products   187  Companies  
    Shapers   20 Products   328  Companies  
    Boring machines, mortiser, turning machines   12 Products   244  Companies  
    Sanding machines, polishing machines   23 Products   338  Companies  
    Gluing machines, jointing machines   13 Products   158  Companies  
    Wood surface treatment, laminating and impregating mach.   24 Products   218  Companies  
    Wood transporting machines and equipments   33 Products   441  Companies  
    Tools and toolworking machines   49 Products   573  Companies  
    Wooden goods machines   11 Products   59  Companies  
    Ventilation equip., drying install., filter equipments   25 Products   290  Companies  
    Measuring and control equipment, testing instruments   20 Products   289  Companies  
    Machines and plants all kinds for the wood industry   143 Products   1342  Companies  
    Chemicals and auxiliary chemicals for the wood industry   30 Products   415  Companies  
    Planning, development and organisation   14 Products   317  Companies  
    Fittings, profiles and other materials   11 Products   318  Companies  
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