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    RSS-News News
      Birkner 2017 - NEW: Web database access and book editions at a special price
    Company news   Within a few weeks, the new, completely updated web database and book editions from Birkner 2017 - International PaperWorld, the unique source of information for the international paper industry, will be published. With the combination or individual offers fur use of the current database contents in web and book you have all advantages of ... (more)
    24.02.2017  UPM selects continuous kiln from Valutec
    Company news   Finnish company UPM has chosen to invest in a continuous kiln from Valutec for its sawmill in Korkeakoski. “UPM is known for its excellent product quality. So it feels really great to know that they chose us, as we always put quality first,” says Mikko Pitkänen (photo), Country Manager at Valutec Oy. UPM Timber is a Nordic ... (more)
    24.02.2017  Outstanding BAU 2017 — New records once again!
    Company news   • 80,000 of the more than 250,000 visitors were from abroad • 2,120 exhibitors from 45 countries gave the fair top marks • In November: new FENESTRATION BAU China in Shanghai For the first time ever, 80,000 of the more than 250,000 visitors who attended BAU 2017 were from abroad. As a result, BAU, the World's Leading Trade Fair for ... (more)
    23.02.2017  Södra´s operating profit SEK 452 million for third four-month period
    Company news   Picture: Lars Idermark Södra’s operating profit for the third four-month period amounted to SEK 452 million (502). The full-year profit is in line with expectations and the board proposes a distribution of profit totalling SEK 602 million. “2016 was a year of transition for Södra, with major changes due to robust investment and ... (more)
    22.02.2017  Hartola Glulam Factory integrated to SavcorERP System
    Company news   Versowood´s Glulam factory in Hartola is now incorporated as part of Versowood’s own ERP System which eases synchronization of sales, production and deliveries in the future. Savcor Oy is Versowood’s ERP System provider. Versowood Oy acquired Metsä Wood’s Glulam factory in Hartola from Metsäliitto Osuuskunta and also 50 ... (more)
    21.02.2017  Skånebeslag to implement Threespine® in new line of bathroom cabinets
    Company news   Välinge has signed a license agreement with the Swedish bathroom cabinet manufacturer Skånebeslag for the use of Threespine® click furniture technology. Skånebeslag will implement Threespine technology in a new line of bathroom cabinets made of compact laminate with the aim to offer new designs to its customers. “Threespine ... (more)
    20.02.2017  Highest environmental rating for more harvesting operations
    Company news   The trend that Södra is taking more consideration for the environmental impact of regeneration harvesting is continuing. This was revealed by the company’s Green Balance Sheet for 2016. The approval rate for regeneration harvest sites has increased from 72 to 95 percent since 2010. Meanwhile, the quality of consideration on the approved ... (more)
    17.02.2017  Logset expands its operation in Russia
    Company news   Finnish forest machine manufacturer Logset Oy expands significantly its dealer network and operation in Russia. Logset has made new dealer contracts with Russian companies that are specialized in forest machine distribution and service. At the same time the cooperation Logset had with the Russian dealer Ferronordic Machines ends. - We ... (more)
    16.02.2017  Pervanovo invests in production capacity of flooring based on Välinge technology
    Company news   Välinge parent company Pervanovo Invest AB has initiated a major investment project to meet the growing demand for Välinge technology. The 5-year, €250 million investment plan aims to expand the flooring capacity to 20 million sqm. The first step in the expansion is to complete a high-tech production facility in Viken during 2017. ... (more)
    15.02.2017  Increased earnings for Setra
    Company news   Wood products company Setra reports an operating profit of SEK 153 million (47) for the full year 2016. This profit includes non-recurring items in an amount of SEK 38 million (-19). Net sales totalled SEK 4,043 million (4,218). “The market for wood products has developed in a positive direction during the year. As a result we have ... (more)

    Search list Producers' and Converters' Products:
    Wood boards, all kinds   46 Products   748  Companies  
    Timber construction parts of houses (outside), houses   28 Products   1986  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   1763  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   20 Products   855  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   17 Products   212  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   9 Products   162  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   55 Products   2145  Companies  

    Search list of Merchants:
    Wood boards, all kinds   44 Products   498  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (outside), houses   24 Products   537  Companies  
    Timber construction parts for houses (inside)   53 Products   820  Companies  
    Wooden packagings, pallets   19 Products   125  Companies  
    Wood goods of all kinds   13 Products   111  Companies  
    Veneers (wooden)   10 Products   257  Companies  
    Sawmill products and wooden pieces, misc.   53 Products   926  Companies  

    Search list of Suppliers' Products:
    Chipless cutting machines   20 Products   263  Companies  
    Saws   31 Products   504  Companies  
    Planing machines   6 Products   191  Companies  
    Shapers   20 Products   339  Companies  
    Boring machines, mortiser, turning machines   12 Products   255  Companies  
    Sanding machines, polishing machines   23 Products   346  Companies  
    Gluing machines, jointing machines   13 Products   163  Companies  
    Wood surface treatment, laminating and impregating mach.   24 Products   225  Companies  
    Wood transporting machines and equipments   33 Products   455  Companies  
    Tools and toolworking machines   49 Products   590  Companies  
    Wooden goods machines   11 Products   60  Companies  
    Ventilation equip., drying install., filter equipments   26 Products   298  Companies  
    Measuring and control equipment, testing instruments   20 Products   294  Companies  
    Machines and plants all kinds for the wood industry   143 Products   1370  Companies  
    Chemicals and auxiliary chemicals for the wood industry   30 Products   427  Companies  
    Planning, development and organisation   14 Products   323  Companies  
    Fittings, profiles and other materials   11 Products   328  Companies  
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