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    You are here: Company information - News - Ledinek Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH back to result list
    Company information
    Suppliers of machinery, equipment and materials

    Ledinek Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH

    Austria, Bleiburg

    08.12.2017   Södra selects Ledinek's equipment for CLT facility    ( Company news )

    Company news
    Södra has selected Ledinek as supplier of the equipment for the cross-laminated timber (CLT) facility that Södra has decided to build at Värö.

    In mid-September, Södra decided to invest in a small CLT facility adjacent to Södra’s sawmill at Värö. The facility will have an annual capacity of about 5,000 m³ per shift, and require 3-5 new employees during 2018-19. The plans include a future investment in a larger facility.

    The contract with Ledinek includes feeding, finger-jointing, saw, sorting, stacking, gluing, pressing and CNC* milling equipment.

    The facility is being built as a pilot in order to learn about the product and market, and thereby minimise risks prior to building a larger facility.

    “Production is scheduled to start in May 2019. The plan is to speed up the installation of the CNC mill in order to gain rapid knowledge of market needs. One of the reasons for building a pilot is to acquire an understanding of needs and requirements in the value chain at an early stage,” said Fredrik Gellerstedt, sales manager, Södra's CLT-project.

    Södra is focused on increasing sustainable timber construction and wants to be part of, and stake out a position, in a growing market. The investment is an important part of Södra’s strategic objective to build long-term relationships across the value chain.

    “CLT will help us develop a new way of working, where we will be offering the most cost-effective material in the market for the construction of high-rise buildings. We are putting a complete customer offering together for CLT and will expand profitably as the market grows,” said Fredrik Gellerstedt.

    The location at Värö has been strategically chosen for its proximity to several Nordic high-growth regions, and the ease of shipping to both the UK and other international destinations. The facility will be co-located with Södra’s pulp mill and sawmill for access to green electricity and existing infrastructure.
    (Södra Timber AB)
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